Currently I am exploring perception, how we see, create and transform images through looking. My objective is to scrutinize the relationship between what is revealed and what remains unseen and to enable an encounter, an intimate conversation directly with the viewer. I am also interested in questioning the viewer experiences and creating a situation for them to become aware of this sensual process. Can they see what I see? Does this change as time is spent with these images?

I use a camera as an artistic medium and a tool for experimentation. I use natural and artificial light along with different textures and an array of objects to create visually engaging images to garner phantasmagorical effects. Applying tricks of the hand, I manipulate objects, revealing dark and mysterious forms which I label menacing. These I’ve named Menacing Abstractions. Do you see what I see? I invite all to look for what I have found in my practice. This may result in effects that shift and reveal, instances when the artwork itself may be barely seems recognizable, but with time, gaze back at the viewer. These images have further revealed themselves in a new series of paintings.
November 10: TAP into Miniature
The Art Place Wynwood, presents TAP into Miniature, a juried exhibition of miniature artwork in the main gallery. Selected works from the traditional paintings to fiber and even video. You are invited to attend the Opening Reception during the next Second Saturday Art Walk Nov. 10, 6-11 PM. Best in Show will be announced at 7PM.

Exhibiting artists:

Angeles Bottaro, Annette Jaret, Beatrice McClelland, Carolina Llano, Cat Del Buono, Christy Perez, Colleen Newcomb, Cory Hunter, Dale Stryker, Debra Yates, Diana Unterspan, Dlynn Roll, Esther Mendoza, Isabelle Chestnut, Janet M. Mueller, Jennifer Caunedo, Juan Carlos Castellanos, Liana Garcia, Luisa Basnuevo, Maranesi, Marcela García Bonini, Misoo Filan, Nicole M. Cabrera, Rosee Camafreita, Timothy Hicks, Toa Castellanos

Danilo Gonzalez
The Art Place Wynwood
2722 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127