At times, we look at an object but cannot tell what it is simply because it is unfamiliar to us. By not identifying the object seen, we see it afresh.

I attempt to capture form without identifying it. This means capturing form uncontaminated by reference to subject matter. These can have a surprising beauty or appear as a menacing abstraction.

I began my artistic practice as a painter and then became interested in photography when I purchased my first digital camera around 20 years ago. While getting to know my camera I noticed that the curtains in the back room of my house would illuminate in the mid-afternoon and cast shadows of the trees and bushes on the cream colored canvas. I was intrigued and began to experiment with different colored lights and objects that would reflect through the curtain and create shadows. Beautiful colored shapes and figures, that looked like people and animals, appeared as I would take the photos with my right hand while manipulated the curtain and shadows into different shapes and forms with my left. As I let the curtain fall out of my hand, the image diappears and the moment only exists in the photograph.